Supernatural is series of over 140 digital paintings done by the art students from the School of Art, Design and Media class Pattern, Art, Design and Architecture. Students created series of motifs inspired by various themes, from Chinese Traditional Storytelling (2013,14), Nature and Darwinism (2015), and Daydreaming (2016). For the occasion of Media Art Nexus NTU the two dimensional compositions are reanimated using experimental realtime animation into playful puzzles with unpredictable and abstract pattern variations. In collaboration with NTU Museum original artworks were exhibited as large scale textile banners (3,6 m X 0.4m) Pavilion at Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre at NTU in 2015 as well as projected on a facade of the building for the occasion of the Aliwal Arts Night Crawl 2015 .

The works premiered at the Deep Space 8k at the Ars Electronica Festival 2016. For the ocasion compositions were programmed and animated. Animation by Mark Chavez
Music by Philip Tan after Variations on Bach's Cello Suite No 1


Alan Chong Wei Lun, Celestial Spirits, Alice Ng Hui Qing, Parallel Universe, Allan Chan Joon, Chiew Daymare, Alvin Tan, Hooked, Alvin Tan, Tox City, Angelina Dara Soechiarto, Tree Spirits, Anthea Tay, Taste of Hell, Arella Ho, Food Porn, Ariel Lee, Sweet Treats, Aurial Lee, Oceans, Aziean Abu, The Eyes Have It, Benjamin Sim, Unknown, Benji Hong Long Yip, The Human Condition, Beverley Ng, Love ReplicaBeverley Ng, Love Decadence, Bryan Lim, Ascension, Candida Ng, Many Faces, Carvey Chen, Propagation, Cassie Koh, Miro Orbis, Chan Xin Shermaine, Fools Daydream, Chloe Chan Above and Under, Chloe Chan, Above and Under Detail, Clara Anne Chow, The Convergence, Clarisa Leong, At Its Core, Colin Tan, Burnt, Denise Nicole Yap, The Cloud of Unreality, Donovan Quek, Holy Water, Elvin Ng,Fibonacci Rabbits, Evelyn Chong, Stream of Imagination,Freda Lai, Evolution Gillian Toh, Kawaii, Goh Shuhui, Ten Courts of Hell, Hemani Thanagopalasamy, NatureFetishism, Joseph Tan, Chromatic, Juliana Lim, Mother Tree, Kalaimathi_Mahendran, Pavo Pisces, Kendrick Brayden, Mortal Factory. Khairunnisa Bte Wahid, Singapore Ethnobotany, Kho Ruiwei, Forgotten, Kylie Yeo, Beauty and the Beast, Lawrence Poh, In Visible. Lee Hui Min, Utopian Cityscape, Lek Yi Xian, Parallel Worlds of Communication, Leow Si Min, Edge of Death, Lim Chang Li, Ronald Unnutural Beauty, Lim Qi Xuan, The Animal Spirit, Lim Shiau Kiat, Distortion, Lina Tay, Beauty, Mabel Ho, Natures Paradise, Maisharagh Mustajab, Migration Pattern, Malissa Tan, Alice In Wonderland, Marilyn Cher, Celebeartion, Marina Binte Ahmad, Snake, Melvin Tan, Teen Pop Lyrical Horror, Mindy Chow, Eyes On Fire, Na Iyn Huii, Chasmic Ridge, Nadzirah Binte Azaruddin, Nightmare to Dreams, Neo Xian Zhen, Totem, Nicole Tan, Botanic Alphabet, Nur Syahiadah Abdul Rahim, Singapore Summer, Nur Syairah Bte Abdul Malek, Ghaib, Octaviani Isabella, Southern Sea, Piyathip Unadirekkul, The Invasion, Png Shi Min Pamela, Stardust, Quinn Lum Fu Loong, Limbo, Rachel Danam, Imagined Lairs, Rachel Goh, Super Natural, Rachel Tan, Chaos, Rashna Shantini, Life Beyond Earth, Raychel Yixin Tan, A 7th Month Tale, Regina Ng, Asian Horror, Rianne Wynn, Transience, Ruzana Rahim, Irrational Childhood Fears, See Yuu Xuan, The Evil Within, Shannon Oon, Garden of Eve, Sharlene Lee, Aposematism, Shermain Lee, StrangeApparition, Shuyi Chen, Humarine, Tan Wan Wen Mind, Factory, Tan Wei Hsiang Kevin, Impermanence Teong Shi Hong Dereck, Propagative Dream, Tong Qian Ling, Hmmmm Hannya, Tuan Szi Yi, Forest Friends, Vanessa Cheng, Reverie Vanessa Shemander Hon, Dream Wisps, Wee Sher Ying, Flying Whales Wilfred Weegee, Lim Cosmic Mutant Wong Chun Sing, The Garden of Ancien Egypt, Woong Soak Teng, Much Like Rust, Xiao Yan, Split, YapPeiShi Jeanetee, Childhood Memories, Ye Luwei, Tracing the Ghost, Yeo Pei Xun Jonas, Headhunters Yong Xian Tong Pei, Ignait Yuen Pei Yun, IceGem Biscuits, Zachary Cheong, Japonesme